Mainly I design websites. I’ve been making them since 1998, and I’ve made tons of them. Some websites are still online, some had changed their design, some of them don’t exist anymore — but this is a natural process of evolution of the Internet.

Also I can create different website’s elements — headers, backgrounds, etc.

Moreover, you can order a logo development.

And above all, various printing development — business cards, calendars and more.

How much?
From €250 for website design.
From €300 for website design and coding (pure HTML).
From €400 for website design and coding (WordPress).
From €200 for logo and wordmark design.
From €150 for business card design.

Please pay your attention that I do not accept any electronic money. You can pay in euros or any other currency (pounds, dollars) to my account in Spanish bank, with bank fees paid by the customer.

How long?
From 3 days, but it depends on many circumstances. If you need it “to be ready next monday”, don’t even start with it.

Never and not at any price — religion, sectarianism, politics, porno and anything else illegal and unlawful.
Maybe but hardly — gay-related, because it’s making no headway. If you need it very much, interest me.

To begin, you can contact me using the following info:          skype eu.grachev          +34 622 281 664


And once again, please notice that I do not deal with religion and politics in any form. Also I don’t make anything gay-related (unless you’ve got something completely unconventional).