You see this logo on every page of this website and in some other places.

The process


At first I was afraid, I was petrified there was a long period of searching the idea. First idea was to use this symbolic abstractionism — with a huge imagination skill you can see Z and S letters:

zeleñ y sinevá

At first sight this idea was good enough, but then it became ugly. Second idea was more interesting, but less obvious:

zeleñ y sinevá

This is a perfect diamond, view from above. The problem was that the image is too complicated, and in small sizes all the beauty desappears revealing a strange turquoise spot.

Then another idea knocked at the door and became the temporary logo:

zeleñ y sinevá

Nothing special — green and blue tildes forming a kind of flower. If you won’t think about all the easthetic aspects and total lack of any form, the main problem was the following: this substance was extremely hard to recognize in very small size, and it was very indecently to put it on new websites.

Later this logo became three-dimensional and became a little better:

zeleñ y sinevá


The idea of next logo took a lot of time to think about, but when I began to draw it, the result was very close to Pac-Man or Pepsi-Cola. Finally I got two tiles with someone’s tooth (instead of “acento”) on the right one:

zeleñ y sinevá

After all, one thing became clear: logo must be round in shape, have green and blue colors, look fine even at 16×16 size, and a tilde must be one of logo’s elements. So there appeared next version:
zeleñ y sinevá

Round, with an arrow (growth, dynamics, positive and so on), with a tilde, but… a sort of frozen spermatozoon.

Fourth attempt was almost the same and very hard to understand:

zeleñ y sinevá

One of the finalists was fifth version — round, with tilde, with “acento” and stuff. Altogether it reminds letter Q which might be interpreted as “quality”:

zeleñ y sinevá

But still there was something wrong with this logo… maybe some fall to the right, maybe overall paleness and inappropriate glass-like look, or maybe too much gray color…

Our finalist was this round harmonious “yin and yang”-like logo:


Three years later we changed the font, and the “yin and yang” figure became a simple tilde. And finally the logo has a black and white version:


After 11 years, we decided to rename our studio. The previous name was Russian “green and blue” written à la Spanish. So we took this hard-to-pronounce name and translated it to a mix of Spanish and heraldic English.

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