Glory to Robots

Logo for a photographic project the essense of which is to take pictures of modern robots who look and behave like people. It is planned to put the logo everywhere from website to T-shirts.

That’s interesting ↓

As soon as the customer wanted to have a robot on the logo, there occured a question: how will it look like — cartooned like Bender from «Futurama» or somehow modern like today’s androids? The customer chose first variant.

We begin to draw robot’s head, but as a result we always get Drupal’s logo or one of Ninja Turtles:


And then a quite good idea came: if a robot is made in human’s image, then why not to make it dancing? For example, disco:

John Travolta

Perfect. We draw the robot and send it to customer:

Vaiant 1 - sketch

The customer approves it. Now it’s time to draw this logo in vector:

Variant 1

The customer doesn’t like the way the words «to» and «robots» look. Let’s try to make some changes:

Variant 2 Variants of the text

And so we choose the last variant.

Except all the hypothetic places where this logo might appear, it is supposed to print it on T-shirts, so we fit it immediately:


Not bad, but suddenly it is discovered that in this vertical version, grey ellipse the robot dances on looks disgustingly and for no reason at all. So finally we remove this ellipse and the dancer turns the other side:

Final variant

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