5-th anniversary headers for Lyrsense.com

Set of birthday headers for popular website.

That’s interesting ↓

This website is really huge, and it contains a main page, 5 sections for different languages, a soundtracks section, and a forum. Altogether there are 8 headers that differ from each other in colour and background image. As an example, “everyday” header for Spanish section looks like this:

Повседневная шапка

The scope statement told to make a beautiful inscription “5 years” near the logo, and to use ballons, fireworks or other stuff in 8 different colours.

And so we begin from the left part of our header:

Вариант 1

Also we use other ballons and decide to play on words:

Вариант 3

A bit later there appears an idea to combine flag with the number. And while this time it looks more or less nice, then we’ll have problems with British flag:

Вариант 2

We send these 3 designs to customer. He doesn’t like balloons because he’ll have to place the menu lower; we’ll use these ballons later in the right part of header. But the customer is in ecstasy over the «5 летsense», and he likes tie idea of combining flag with number. So we try to develop and improve it:

Вариант 4 Вариант 5 Вариант 6

And we try on different backgrounds:

Вариант 7 Вариант 8 Вариант 9

Finally the customer chooses this one:

Вариант 10

Now it’s time to create the right part of our header:

Правая часть шапки Правая часть шапки Правая часть шапки

Headers in all the beauty:

Праздничные шапки

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