Headers for MDCreative.ru

A set of headers for main and inner pages. Images appear randomly on each page reload.

That’s interesting ↓

As soon as the company specializes in interior design, these headers are based on studio’s projects. There are 5 headers in all:

Set of headers

Header at work:

Header at work

At first website had this header. A small flash animation where little men run about pretending to renovate the room:

Old header

Here comes a proposal to dismiss this gang and to insert something else in the header, but still it must be a flash animation. We try to draw something:

We dwell on last variant and see how the whole header might look like:

Header variants with flash

Then the customer decides not to use flash animation, but he still wants to use studio’s works as background images. Bit by bit we come into the homestretch:

Header variants without flash

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