The main thing

We’ve been working in web design and website development since 1999. It means that we began to work in the past century and even in the past millennium. We remember time when Netscape Navigator ruled the world, and all the websites were written in HTML 3.2 (well, the CSS existed too, but nobody used it). The majority of websites were built with frames, had tiny GIF animations and a warning that “This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 3.0 and with resolution 640×480″…

But all this doesn’t matter.

What really matters is:


years of experience in web design and development


countries on four continents where our clients live


of customers become our regular clients


Services & prices

Web design

We adore web design and offer a full range of services for web design and website development which consists of a thorough and optimal design, technical implementation and final launch. All our websites are made using a responsive web design technology, so you can be sure that your website will look great on any device with any screen dimentions.

Personal website

Up to 5 static pages + contact form

from 170 €


WordPress, posts, categories, tags, a couple of pages

from 250 €

Good multi-page website

WordPress + gallery + contact form + maybe a blog + a lot of stuff

from 350 €

Online store

Goods, basket, payments

from 600 €

If you need your website to be multilingual, we add 70 € to the price.

All prices include web design, development and coding. If necessary, we can buy a domain name and a hosting for you.

Also we provide further technical support for your website, but we prefer to call it “care”.



We are experienced specialists in logo design, and we’ll be happy to design a logo or an emblem for your business, your company or just for you personally. In addition to it we can develop a corporate identity.

Logo design

Modern logos to use in real life and offline

from 150 €

Bitmap to vector logo

Vector logo based on your old bitmap image

from 20 €

Corporate identity

Logo + fonts + business card + letterhead + business envelope

from 300 €



We will design almost everything that can be printed: business cards, flyers, booklets, calendars and much more.

Business card design

Business cards for your eyes’ pleasure

from 90 €

Flyers and booklets design

Flyers, booklets, calendars, anything

from 90 €

Design of all the rest

Signboards, stickers, labels

from 50 €

Printing services

Only if you order design services

from 25 €



Moreover, we provide various services of working with bitmap and vector images, photo retouching, photomontage and so on.

Icon design

Pictograms and icons with imagination,
even an icon of an icon


Photo editing

Photomontage, correction, edition, and other kinds of work with bitmap and vector images


Presentation design

Both in Powerpoint
and video formats

from 3 € per slide


The ideal name for your project




Lucky owners of Cupónomania cards will have discount for all services: 10% for “classic” and 20% for “premium”.


Other conditions


Always supreme. We work until the client is completely satisfied with the result. If you have seen our portfolio, and you didn’t like some works, it doesn’t mean they are bad for some reason. “De gustibus non est disputandum”, as the Romans used to say.

As our client, you won’t regret and feel disappointed. Believe us.



From a few days but depends on many circumstances. If you need it “to be ready yesterday”, don’t even start.



We accept payments in euros to a Spanish bank account or in Russian rubles to a Russian bank account.

PayPal payments are accepted with great pleasure.

Cash in euros will make us even more happy.



Religion, sectarianism, politics, porno or anything else more or less illegal and unlawful.


Contact us

+34 622 281 664