Cooking correctly

Templates for cooking website.

Also I’ve designed logo.

That’s interesting ↓

Juicy pomegranate “404 error” page:

Ошибка 404

We begin to make website from the very depth — from the recipe page. The customer approves a mockup — horizontal menu at the top of the page + two columns:


Now we try to combine this mockup with all the information we have. Left column is for recipe, the right one is for links to other recipes of the same category:

Меню - первый вариант

The customer likes left column, the designer doesn’t like the right one. As a result of this inner conflict, the right column survives some changes:

Страница с рецептом

Basing on that column, we make a page with a list of recipes:

Список рецептов

And finally we reach the main page:

Главная страница

During the coding process we find out that our chosen Century Gothic font looks a bit ugly in browser and causes some technical problems. So we turn it down and decide to use Open Sans on the whole website.

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